Specialty Contractors

Accelerate the growth of your business with our ConTech solutions.

ConTech Products


Highly versatile and maneuverable attachments that increase productivity and precision, all with minimal repositioning.

Machine Guidance

Faster and more accurate production without waiting for surveyors or engineers.

Site Monitoring and Management

View machine utilization and task completion with our easy-to-use and customizable screens. Viewable on any screen.

Tech-Ready Tractors for Sale & Rent

Ready-to-use equipment already equipped with ConTech

What Our Customers Say

“The tiltrotator’s added versatility and control allow me to take on a wider range of projects. It is a must-have tool that increases my productivity and makes work more enjoyable. The tool and Xpanner’s support are investments that keep paying off.


“Integrating a tiltrotator with machine guidance, I outperform the competition – faster, better, and with no spotters or helpers. As such, I've become indispensable to site supervisors, effortlessly verifying actuals against plans with just a few clicks, no surveyors needed.

Operator Se Moong

“Although initially skeptical, I’m now a believer. The integrated equipment can take survey measurements and when blueprints are layered in, the work became so automated that human intervention was almost unnecessary. Even the crusty veteran operators have become satisfied users.

Excavation Supervisor, GB Construction

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