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Our Origin Story

At Xpanner, we envision a construction industry that defies limitations and embraces innovation. Our journey began with a mission to transform earthworks, where all construction begins. We aim to make lives and businesses not just easier, but profoundly more prosperous. We view the industry’s persistent challenges as opportunities for positive change – labor shortages, delays and overruns, and escalating material costs are our motivators for innovation. With our cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, backed by a team of expert engineers dedicated to our clients’ success, we’re rewriting the narrative of an industry we hold dear. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we revolutionize construction, making it more enjoyable and lucrative for all.

Our Values

Customer Focus

Improve our customers’ businesses and bottom lines

Open System

Be brand agnostic and leverage what customers already own.


Develop solutions that are simple, intuitive, and approachable for all.


Build with the richness that comes from diverse experiences and POVs


Move quickly to innovate and deliver impact to those working on the job.

Rising Tide

Rising Tide

Build community, enable fair profits, and be the tide that raises all boats.

Our Team

Henri Lee

CEO & Co-Founder

David Shin

CTO & Co-Founder

Ryan Park

CFO & Co-Founder

Jae Choi


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